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New Release

Red and White


Sally Meadows

Front Cover

Red & White is a Christmas/New Year’s CD composed of four
original songs (written by Sally Meadows) and eight Christmas classics
with Sally’s own special “twist”.

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In Search of Truth


T. L. Wiens

Every follower of Christ should be in search of truth. Shevie Rancher figure out early on that it’s not the case. She rejects religion in favor of living a life of freedom. But freedom leaves something to be desired. Then Evan Kyle comes into her life and Shevie is faced with a new option—is true faith real? Go on a journey with Shevie to find out.


Series Choice

The Storm Series


Janice L. Dick

Calm Before the Storm

South Russia, 1914.The world is at war and revolution threatens. Against this backdrop of fear and danger, three young people search for hope and love.

Katarina Hildebrandt’s tranquil life on her family’s Crimean estate is about to change. Tutor Johann Sudermann has found true faith, but it will turn his life upside-down. And Paul Gregorovich Tekanin, working for the revolution in St. Petersburg, finds it will demand his soul as well as his wit and strength.

Will they find the faith to weather the coming storm?

Eye of the Storm

As their world is torn apart by world war, the Russian Revolution, and church and family conflicts, Katarina Hildebrandt and Johann Sudermann strive to maintain their faith in the God they have come to know. Meanwhile, Paul Gregorovich Tekanin has chosen what he thought to be the path to Utopia, but is instead finding it to be a way of darkness and death. Will he remember the warnings of his childhood friend, Johann, or will the violence of revolution destroy him?

History unfolds as these young people look desperately for a source of balance and safety within the eye of the storm and ask: where is God when life betrays?

  Out of the Storm

Death and destruction rage through the Mennonite colonies as Red and White armies continue to requisition, recruit, and advance their positions. Ongoing strife and accompanying drought result in severe famine and disease, and the worst enemy of all—fear.

Johann Sudermann works with Benjamin Janz to secure permission for Mennonite emigration, but they are faced with seemingly insurmountable obstacles at every turn. Meanwhile, Katarina attempts to sustain her family and friends amid chaos and uncertainty, and Paul Gregorovich Tekanin tries to survive in anonymity.

The Mennonites of South Russia face a fierce struggle for faith and survival as their dreams are dashed one by one, yet they cling to the hope that God will yet intervene and speak to them as he did to Job, ‘out of the storm.’

Stone Series


Marcia Lee Laycock

One Smooth Stone

No matter how far you run, God will find you. No matter how bad you’ve been,

God will forgive you. Alex Donnelly is running and trying to hide.

He has picked a good place to do it—The Yukon—but he is pursued by friends,

enemies, and most effectively, by God.

 A Tumbled Stone

Andrea Calvert had to run away. She couldn’t stay on the farm with her foster parents shaking them before their neighbours

and legalistic church.She  couldn’t face going  to live with strangers in her condition, as her foster mother had arranged.

But she couldn’t face being pregnant alone either. She would have to take care of this in her own way.


Reader’s Treasure Box

Making the Bitter Sweet


T. L. Wiens

How long does the pain of bullying last?

For some, it becomes a lifelong search for revenge, others never

overcome the shame. Paul Corey is on a mission for justice.

But the taste of revenge is bittersweet. How will he ever overcome?

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Where a Little Rain Comes Down


Tammy Wiens

Prostitution whether spiritual or physical destroys the human spirit. But healing can be found if you know where to look.

As you journey with Rain and Lance, you will find the answers are not always easy even when you find

the Truth.In the end, God’s way will never leave you feeling inadequate.


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The Prince of Ôwr


Nancy Christenson

An allegory of the love of Christ for His Bride, inspired by a quote from Søren Kierkegaard. The crown prince of the Kingdom of Ôwr (Hebrew for “light”) falls in love with a lowly and abused woman. He realizes that in order to court her, he must for a time conceal his true identity, laying aside his glory and wooing her in her own world.


Tadeo Turtle

Written and Illustrated by

Jan Cox

Tadeo Turtle

Tadeo (TAHD-ay-OH) longs to be different. Through an exciting adventure, find out how Tadeo learns to accept how God created him.

Tadeo Turtle won the best children’s book at The Word Awards in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada on June 12, 2013.

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Story Collections

Out of My Mind

In Love with Life


Francis Ruiter

Francis continues to pull his readers along for a trip down memory lane. In simple narrative and verse, he reflects on life’s hopes and fears, sorrows and joys. In the final entry, the author relates his confrontation with and emotional triumph over Alzheimer’s disease.

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Courageous Stories of Inspiration

(Hope and Inclusion by Carol Harrison)

What do successful people do when faced with hardships that would fell most others? They pick themselves up, dust themselves off, and courageously move forward. This book is an exceptional compilation of interviews with successful people who reinvented themselves when faced with life-altering obstacles.

Christmas Chaos

Edited by

Roberta Laurie

(May’s First Christmas by T. L Wiens)

Ever wonder if your thoughts of the holidays are the same as your neighbors? Take a journey into the world of Christmas from someone else’s eyes.

Journal of a Dutch Immigrant


Francis Ruiter

Francis Ruiter uses a style to tell his stories that Hemmingway himself embraced. So hoist a backpack onto eager shoulders and whether by air, train, canoe, chariot; whether hitching rides , running, swimming, hiking or cycling, come along on the journey of a Dutch Immigrant.

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Amee’s Story


Carol Harrison

This is a true story of the incredible journey of Amee—from comatose baby fighting for her life to a young woman running track.


Yes, I Really was a Cowgirl


Nancy Christenson

In September of 1975, a self-described hippie went to work as a camp cook at Douglas Lake Cattle Company in the British Columbia interior. Little did she know that what started as a short-term diversion following a summer of disenchantment would not only transform her into a cowgirl but change her life forever.



Made in Heaven Fleshed out on Earth

The Struggle to Find True Intimacy


Nancy Christenson

God’s design for love and sex is a beautiful plan made in heaven. The tough part is that it has to be fleshed out on Earth, too often subject to the whims and weaknesses of our human nature. Available in book form or DVD.



Cookhouse Capers


Nancy Christenson

The rollicking, rhythmic poetry of Nancy Fowler Christenson.


The Music Made for Heaven


Nancy Christenson


Turn the Page


Sally Meadows

sally meadows cd

Turn the Page is a collection of inspirational songs with thoughtful lyrics, lush strings, and hints of a range of genres from pop to classic to Aboriginal to blues to modern country. Nominated for a national 2013 Word Award in the category “Song Lyrics” for the title track.

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