Membership in Imprint is FREE. All are welcome!

At this time we do not have a membership fee, though we do take a $1 donation at each meeting to offset the costs of seminars and this website.

Membership is free, but based on regular attendance at our meetings.

We also try to maintain an e-mail and phone list for those who are unable to regularly come to our monthly meetings but wish to remain in contact and support Imprint.


Our members are of all kinds…

Some write for their living, others journal for the joy of words. Some are published authors, some are seeking to be published, some publish their writing on web blogs, and others write but do not share their work. Some write for the secular field, others for the religious market, and others only for their family.


Nancy Christianson

Author of Made in Heaven, Fleshed Out on Earth, Yes, I Really was  Cowgirl, and Prince of ÔWR.

Janice Dick

Janice joined the Saskatoon Christian Writers—now known as His Imprint—in 2002, shortly before her first book came out. She has since published a trilogy of historical fiction and is presently working on more historical fiction. Janice lives on a farm near Lanigan with her husband Wayne. They have three married children and eight grandchildren. Janice says, “I have committed to attending His Imprint on a regular basis because I need contact with other writers who are Christian. I’ve learned a lot from the group, but most importantly, we “spur one another on” through our meetings.”

Ruth Keighley
Ruth and her husband live in Warman.  She’s currently taking a social work course at Caronport.  Ruth is a self-published author of her journey of healing, entitled Healing for the Unquiet Mind.

Christine Goodnough

Chris & husband Bob live on an acreage south of Delisle and have one daughter, three grandchildren.  She writes devotional-type articles & poetry and is trying to get her foot in the door with children’s publishers. You can check out Chris’s website at


Cathy Langdon

Cathy& husband Brian live in Saskatoon; they have two adult sons. Cathy is our chairman and the poet among us; she belongs to a Saskatoon poet’s group as well.


Carol Harrison

Carol & husband live in Saskatoon. A former teacher, she is active in Toastmasters and a speaker at various retreats.  She has self-published Amee’s Story, a book that details her daughter’s lifelong struggle to overcome the effects of seizures soon after birth.

Check our her website


Tammy Wiens

Tammy & husband Allan live on a farm near Lucky Lake, SW of Saskatoon.  When her son became overwhelmed by the bullying he was enduring, Tammy turned to writing. Not only did she find a solution to help her son but also a renewed love  for writing.

Her first book, “Where a Little Rain Comes Down was featured at the New York Library Association Trade Fair in 2008. That convincd her to publish a second book.”Making the Bitter Sweet.” Both books take on subjects that are near and dear to the hearts of todays youth. In 2010, Tammy published a story in the anthology, “Christmas Chaos.” In 2011, One of her stories appears in “A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider.”

Tammy loves to share her story with audiences and has spoken at conferences, women’s ministry events, youth events and schools. She spent many years as a Sunday school teacher, worship leader and a youth leader. She is a member of The Word Guild, Inscribe and SK Writer’s Guild.

You can check out her website at:


Sheri Hathaway

Writer, copy editor, mother, grandmother, gardener, knitter, walker and sewing artist. Yes, that last one is corny but it sounds better than sewer – e-e-ew. I’ve been a member of His Imprint since soon after I moved to Saskatoon – probably around 1997, but I’m sure it was before time began and certainly before the group had a real name. Probably soon after language was invented.  I have also been a member of Inscribe Writers Fellowship since even before that. Around when the world began, I think. I asked them last year when I first joined and they have no record of it, so that’s indeed a lo-o-ong time ago. I am old, cranky, but full of wisdom and remarkably modest, considering my talents. You can look up my most earth-shaking writing at First though, put gloves on, and pray.


Nancy Christianson

Author of Made in Heaven, Fleshed Out on Earth, Yes, I Really was  Cowgirl, and Prince of ÔWR.

Caroline Van Ee

Caroline lives in Saskatoon.  She’s a gifted public speaker as well as a writer, has been the MC at our conferences several times.


Jan Wood

Jan is  retired English teacher who now does poetry workshops. These include general poetry workshops for ages grade nine and up as well as editing poetry manuscripts and single poems.

Martha Klassen


Karen Sperling


Linda Wegner Linda, now of Powell River, B.C. is the founder of His Imprint, and Honorary Lifetime Member.


Sally Meadows

Sally Meadows is a singer/songwriter/writer with a diverse career that has taken her from scientific researcher and editor to business owner, children’s entertainer, and educator.  She is also an executive producer on two films, one showcasing the diverse faces of women in science and engineering, and the second about a group of northern Saskatchewan students who designed and built an energy-efficient house. Sally has published a number of articles of Aboriginal/educational interest.  She has recently released two CD singles and is currently recording a full CD accompanied by a devotional and children’s picture book.  She currently resides in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan with her husband and two grown boys.

You can check out her website at


Francis Ruiter

Francis is the author of two books: “Journal of a Dutch Immigrant” and “Out of my Mind–In Love with Life”
“My friends
told me you have very interesting stories, you must put in to a book. There I
went. My Lord pleased me very much.

I sold 400 books within 4 weeks. But
will be slow in the summer when people go on vacation.

I am good selling
person, over my time for more than 30 years I was an Insurance Agent and loved
Hiking, Backpacking, Swimming and traveling over the world.North part of the
world Mostly Europe.Read my book

Please read some stories of my first
book and concerned the Poems on the second book. I was concerned about my Poems,
written in a simple type of stories or faith.”

Interested in Francis’ books go to: or


Marcia Laycock


Jan Cox


Janis Cox is follower of Jesus – first and foremost. Then she is a wife, mother, grandmother, a sister and friend. She has been married for 42 years to a wonderful, caring and patient husband – they have three grown children who are married; they have six grandchildren.

She is a writer, watercolour artist and person always involved in doing something. She has her fingers in many pies – but all of them are delicious. A friend once told her that she saw a vision of her – with a whole bunch of coloured balloons and she tried to capture each one of them.

As a retired public school teacher she loved to write poems for her kids. With this background and her artwork she has now published her first illustrated children’s book, Tadeo Turtle.

She runs a group blog Under the Cover of Prayer. And another blog with Kimberley Payne called Family and Faith Matters. She is a member of The Word Guild and Inscribe and now His Imprint. You can find her at her website

Blog: UnderTheCoverofPrayer
Facebook Page: AuthorJanisCox
Facebook Page: Tadeo Turtle
Twitter: @AuthorJanisCox
Pinterest: AuthorJanisCox
Joint Blog with Kimberley Payne:

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